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 All facials proposed
           Clarifying Treatment                                   Royal Treatment
                      $75.00                                                                 $85.00
 Perfect facial for oily and acne skin.           Helps skin naturally exfoliate 
  The inter mixture of oil absorbing                     and its copper content 
  Bentonite and Kaolin pulls impurities        enables enzymatic activity
  for the skin. Green tea proctect cells           for tropocollagen information. 
  form further damage and inhibits                  This is a multi tasking facial.
  conditions associated with acne.               The mask contains Allantoin for
                                                                                acne skin and Royal Jelly  to favor                                                                              dermal rejuveneration for mature skin.                                                                                    
          C-Bright Treatment                               Ultimate Repair Treatment
                      $85.00                                                               $95.00
  Combined with Kojic and Licorice,          Highly concentrated treatment
  this wonderful treatment will                                 to promote intensive 
  gently promote more color evenness                     skin regeneration.
  for more natural and clear brightness.
  This treatment will help unify and even
  out skin tone differences.
         System Gold Treatment                                   Pure Treatment
                       $105.00                                                                  $105.00
  This cream mask is good for those               This is good for those who have
  who have dry skin.                                                  blemished skin.
Our Specials skin treatments
        New Advance 
   MicroDermabrasion                                     Ultrasound treatment
                     $150.00                                                                 $75.00
  It helps to improve acne scars, sun                  This treatment decreases damaged skin, reduces acne spots,               increases the extensibility of
it minimize the enlarge pores.                       Collagen Tissue, improves skin   
Your skin will have a smoother            tone and increases cell rejuvenation.  
and younger appearance.                                                         

Deep Cleaning facial
The Deep Cleaning Facial is
 recommended for clients prone to oily
or acneic skin or those with uneven complexions.
It removes poreclogging sebum.
Others services
  • Warm stone massage for your hands and shoulders and a little foot rub  .............. $20.00

  • Waxing
              Chin ............. $15.00              
              Upper lips .... $15.00              
              Eyebrow ...... $20.00
 The M Studio at Marilyn Miglin
                                               Chicago, IL.  60611
                       call us to schedule your appointment:312.649.1510 
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