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Fall Equinox begins September 23, 2014 and we have special Fall Equinox Promotions just for you! Goodbye, Summer! It was a mild summer season, but regardless, it's time to replenish our skin from the damaging UV rays!

Microdermabrasion Treatment Special!
(see description below)
The first 20 callers for the Advanced Microdermabrasion Treatments will receive it for $75 for the first session!
**New Advance Microdermabrasion  Treatment ~  $150.00**
 *$75.00 only for the first 20 calls!                                                                     
This revitalizing new treatment attributes to improving your skin by decreasing those pesky damaged areas by reducing hyperpigmentations. Microdermabrasion prolongs the elasticity of the skin minimizing the size of pores yet improving skin tissue. As a result, your skin will have a distinctive tone as it increases cell rejuvenation  leaving your skin with not to mention radiant appearance.
Clarifying Treatment ~ $75.00 
This is a perfect facial for oily skin as both the ingredients of Bentonite and Kaolin absorbs the oils pulling the impurities of skin cells. Protects cells from further damage inhibiting conditions that are associated with acne.
Royal Treatment ~ 85.00 
Helps naturally and enables enzymatic activity for tropocollagen formation as it contains ingredients for such such as acne, dry, and mature skin.
C-Bright Treatment ~ $85.00 
This unique treatment is combined with Kojic and Licorice as it gently promotes more color "eveners" and enhancement for more natural and radiant skin. This treatment also helps to unify and even out the differences in your skin.
Ultimate Repair Treatment ~ $95.00
Highly concentrated treatment to promote intensive skin regeneration.
System Gold Treatment ~ $105.00
This treatment lends mature skin new strength and energy as it activates the metabolism and intensively stimulates cell generation and revitalizing glow.
Pure Treatment ~ $105.00
A clarifying, calming mask as it also serves as an additional treatment product for impure skin. Refines the skin structure and makes impurities subside faster.
Additional Specials:
$75.00 Deep Facial
(*$39.00 for first time clients)
The Deep Facial is recommended for clients prone to oily or or those with uneven complexions as it removes pore sebum.
For other services such as waxing, please inquire within.
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